Bespoke jewelry are one-of-a-kind creations
designed and made exclusively for you by Sergio Sforza
Are you so fortunate to be loved by the woman of your dreams?
A woman you desire so much no words can express your emotions and passion? ​ 
Is it time to celebrate a once in a lifetime achievement? 
A dream comes true?  An anniversary? or that life is good? ​
Are you looking for an outstanding piece of jewelry
to symbolize forever how special today is?
Do you have in possession jewelry, diamonds or precious stones 
You’d like to be made into marvelous new jewelry? 
Please contact me now and let's discuss together the creation of
an outstanding jewel that represents the magnitude of the moment…
…A jewel your loved one will cherish forever.
I am looking forward to speaking to you soon,
Sergio Sforza
P: +(66) 98 961 5987
​My most exciting creative challenge and the ultimate purpose of my professional life is to design and create beautiful bespoke jewelry pieces for my clients.​
I put my heart and soul into each jewelry piece I create. When delivery time arrives, I feel like pieces of my heart go with that jewel.
Only the happiness and excitement my clients experience when they see the completed creation for the first time makes up for the sadness of parting with the jewelry I create.
​Some of my mother’s clients and their children have now become my clients. That connection is just wonderful to me, because through my jewelry I remain a part of their families forever.​
— Sergio Sforza